Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So the other day when i was "gizzing" with Saku at Jabriyah Co-op we saw this ice-cream stand called "Stickhouse", healthy natural ice-cream.

it tastes like frozen fruit with sweetener added to it (saku didn't like), some with milk

you can add toppings or dip it in chocolate and other things which I don't remember :-?

one ice-cream stick is 1kd

Since we're talking about food, wanted to try B+F open flame kitchen but ended up going to some other B+F rest. at Al-Raya complex which was closed for renovations :| so we decided to eat at Waterlemon.
At first I was hesitant to order food from them but I "womaned" up and ordered mini burgers, not becuz they're tasty but becuz they looked cute :D and I have to say it wasn't bad either! (P.S : Redbull is bad for your health x_x )

Another restaurant that I adore is Leila (middle eastern food), you get full just by eating appetizers!

Wok N Roll is another restaurant that I can't get enough of, and to celebrate the occasion of saku buying me these cute pink bunny chopsticks we went to eat there ( Dune maki is a must have!)

I'm getting hungry :(  enough of food let's go SHOPPING!! went to 360 Mall the other day and I saw this Remington stand
and since my blow dryer is getting old and "wrinkly" :P I bought this new big-ass purple and black blow dryer and it's AWESOME!

my friend bought this other blow dryer that makes you hair curly without a curling iron, it's cool but I couldn't resist the purple fans in my blow dryer :P

And I got sick of my old perfume so I went to Sephora at The Avenues, Tried almost 50 perfumes!!
Most smelled the same other were Sh!t :-& and at last I got this "Taj Sunset" from Escada

50 testers :P
The Perfume smelled fruity and delicious! < again with the food :P

At last, I went with mom to the "qaysariya" it's a place filled with shoe stores at Salmiya, And I had to buy this gorgeous black gems shoes!! < LOL just remembered my high school English teacher used to pronounce it "Jorjis" :P

without flash for a better view
it costed me 30KD (111$ maybe)
Other colors (black was the sexiest)

That was a long post :-h

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sakura-prokazoid said...

Mini burgers!! I want T_T
for some reason it's reminding me of Saso Slider! Small cute little things that we love to eat! (well, I love to eat :p)

Leila! I'm craving their kebba in laban!! I hear my tummy screaming right now xc

Sumayya told me about Wok N Roll's new menu! I'm so gonna go n check it out :D

Now if you say that you wanna buy a new perfume.. I'M GONNA KILL YOU!! XD enough is enough!!

Wow lovely shoes!! TOTALLY JORJIS!! XD but what color is is exactly ? gray or black or what?

strawberryqueen said...

Never tried saso slider, n wok n rolls new menu doesnt have new things 7saita nafs el.old

The perfume is about to finish :p mjst have new :p

The shoes are black, m thinking of wearing them to my cousins party

Dana Al Kanderi said...
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Dana Al Kanderi said...

Well, I liked the stick thing x) looks colourfull and delicious. Guess you'll have to take me there to try some. x)
Waterlemon's club sandwich was fine too. Now I feel so damn hungry because of your post! ;S
OH! Leila is the best! I'd live happily if I had their food everyday! xD
Btw, you have to take me to Wok N Roll! I've never been there, you traitor! ;@
And yeah, my spin curl hair dryer is the AWSOMENEST! HUH!
Aaaaah @.@ The perfume day! ;'O That night a huge perfume sample HAUNTED me! xS It's all your fault shoe addict! x)

Strawberry Queen said...

I took u t0 wok n roll once lmn en7shna mn elbnat :p

Mariam said...

yal.gzeeza!! -_-


Strawberry Queen said...

Keeefi a7ph ;p

Sarah said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!